Electric Ant Colony: Ant Farm Guitar
Michael Gaughan
NASA seaweed and water based space ant farm gel, live ants, Plexiglas, electric guitar parts,
2" x 12" x 40"
The idea for the Ant Farm Guitar came to me at the same time as the idea for the Helicaster, helicopter flyer guitar. I was sitting at a picnic table waiting for my then girlfriend Maddy to get off of work, I was drawing some designs, and then I saw a helicopter fly over and then about a minute later an ant crawled up my leg and I thought it would be also cool to make an ant farm guitar. I researched ant farms and found out that NASA had invented this ant farm gel that was seaweed and water based. The ants could be sent into outerspace, they could eat this gel and make their colony trails out of it. Because it was a gel and not sand, it could be shaken up (like from a rocket blast and in zero gravity). Once I read about this stuff, I know that was the gel I needed to get for my guitar. I could shake it up and rock as hard as I wanted and it wouldn't mess up their trails. I took the neck, and electrical parts from a used guitar and made the body from plexiglas, then I filled it up with the NASA space ant gel, ordered 30 ants, put them inside and was ready to rock!