Candy Guitars
Michael Gaughan
sugar, corn syrup, water, food coloring, and electric guitar parts,
2" x 24" x 40"
The First idea was to make a hard candy guitar that could be a functional electric guitar with an edible hard candy body. The first actualization of this idea was a vegan chocolate peanut butter rice krispie guitar. It barely stayed together, just long enough to do one song. The second attempt was made at my then girlfriend Maddy's Mom's house. We started the project in her kitchen right before we were going to play a fashion show @ the fine line cafe. I read on the internet how to make hard candy, even called a candy manufacturer to get advice, I made a mold out of aluminum roofing siding, duct tape and tin foil. I boiled the ingredients on the stove and waited for almost an hour, the candy thermometer did not reach 350 degrees as the recipe called for, it only got to 250, and I assumed because it was boiling it should be ready. I poured 40 pounds of boiling hot sugar into a flimsy mold and it burst open and splashed all over her table, carpet rug, tile floor, and counter top. Her two dogs and two cats came in to lick it up, and it was dripping off the counter and hardening in their fur, it was the most overwhelming mess I have ever been responsible for. Determined to have this guitar ready for the show, I turned the stove back on and started adding new sugar and salvaged goop from the floor into the sticky pots. It started to burn, boil over, and it soon put out the stove's pilot light as it hardened inside the stove burner. Smoke filled the kitchen. It wasn't until our next show at MALA's that we perfected the Candy Guitar and were able to play it at a show.